About Us

Our History

 So here's the story of how MY HOLY JEANS came to be , on a sunny July Day in 2015 I sat on a local beach with my friends and my Bible trying to think of how I was going to find peace in the midst of maybe losing my childhood home! my friend windy told me " I think you should try to use your talents to make money, you are crafty." I started flipping through my Bible and came to Psalm 16:11 which says "you will show me the way of life granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasure of living with you forever more. " Something about that scripture made my heart smile. And so I thought about making jeans with holes in them that we're very popular and calling them MY HOLY JEANS  and putting scripture patches on them. I wanted people to see God's word even if it was just in short verses, maybe it would bring them peace or some Joy And some hope for their life. Unfortunately my friend
windy did not get to see me turn my craftiness into my life mission she and another friend passed away in a tragic boat accident 19 days after that day on the beach. But GOD got me through that difficult time and I believe it was because he already had me on a path that he needed me to complete ,to spread  MY HOLY JEANS all over the world! Each pair of jeans or hobo bag or jacket is uniquely embellished and Handmade by me, I believe in turning old things into new, just as God does with us  when we give our life to him. Thank you for your purchase may you help Inspire the world with GODS word.